Quickstart: Using the dotnet new template

This article hopefully offers you (a C# developer) a jumpstart at creating your first Shipping Integration for boxwise. 

Before you begin

In order to follow this Quickstart Guide you have to have installed the following tools and frameworks.

  1. Make sure you run a laptop or pc with Windows 10 or higher on it
  2. Install dotnet (version 5 or higher. Run dotnet --version to check which version you might currently have.)
  3. Install boxwise (request the latest version through boxwise.nl)

Additional prerequisites

  1. It highly recommended to have one of the following IDE's installed on your system:
    1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or higher
    2. Jetbrains Rider

Install the template

  1. Open a powershell window
  2. Run:
    dotnet new --install Boxwise.ShippingLayer.ProjectTemplates
  3. If everything went ok you should see something like this:
    The following template packages will be installed:

    Success: Boxwise.ShippingLayer.ProjectTemplates::1.0.1 installed the following templates:

Create your project

Now that you have installed the dotnet new template we can continue creating your first Shipping Integration Plugin! 

  1. Open a powershell window and descend into a working folder of your choice (this is the folder your project will be created. Make sure you have write access to this folder)
  2. Run the command below where you optionally replace Company.Plugin for the actual name of the project. This will also be the namespace of your code by default.
    dotnet new boxwise-shippinglayer -o Company.Plugin
  3. Descend into the folder that was created in step 2 and run:
    dotnet build
  4. If everything ran ok you will see an output similar to below:

    Build succeeded.
    0 Warning(s)
    0 Error(s)

Open project in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  1. Open the IDE of your choice and select open project
  2. Navigate to the location of the project created in the previous steps
  3. Select the project file and click open

Sample project in VS2019


Updating nuget packages

  1. When targetting a version of boxwise 1.34 or higher you need to update `CommonServiceLocator` nuget package from 1.0.0 to 2.06
  2. Update the `Wms.RemotingObjects` nuget package according to the targetted boxwise version. To do this you need to add the use the nuget package source `http://nuget.app.boxwise.nl/




To summarize what we have just done:

  1. ✅ We've installed the prerequisites needed
  2. ✅ We've created our first Shipper Integration Plugin project for boxwise! 🥳 

The next step is to deploy the plugin to boxwise. To do this you can follow this guide: Deploying your project to boxwise


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