Sendcloud plugin. Welke versie voor welke boxwise versie?

Hieronder worden de versies van de Sencloud plugins beschreven. Belangrijk bij het installeren van de plugin is dat er wordt gekeken welke versie geschikt is voor de boxwise versie die geïnstalleerd staat.

Versie plugin   Releasedatum Boxwise versie   08-04-2024  
- added a dropdown to decide if development logs are enabled or not   23-02-2024 >=
- Added a dropdown to choose which field in Boxwise to map as the customs invoice number for shipments to non-EU countries      
- Fix bug with multi-collo shipments support and improved logging of parcel and package messages.      
- Limiting the order number to 20 characters if the GLS shipping method has been selected.      
- Extending the mapping of Sendcloud shipping checkout method name with a dropdown field where two options are available: custom fields and customer references.   08-11-2023 >=
- Improved logging of parcel and package messages when a shipment fails.   25-09-2023 >=
- Updated the SendCloud API URI endpoint.   25-04-2023  
- Fix bug with order value rounding to two decimals.   02-01-2023  
- Fix bug with matching parcel and package box.   15-11-2022 >=
- [Breaking] Update boxwise library to 1.34.4.   15-11-2022 <=
- Add "To Service Point" setting and parcel property.
- Add "To Post Number" setting and parcel property.   13-05-2022  
- Update parcel "Name" property.   28-04-2022  
- Fix fetching of carriers for re-shipped packages.   26-04-2022  
- Adjust state attribute not to send if empty.
- Set order references as order number if set.
- Set default value for parcel item weight.
1.0.0   11-03-20222 >=
- Initial version
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